• Beishan Hotel Design Pass All Reporting Procedure 2018-02-12Through the continuous efforts of Zhuhai Wanyang Group, Jackson Team and the strong support and cooperation of Wyndham Hotel Group, the overall design of Beishan Hotel in Guishan Island of Zhuhai has successfully completed the reporting procedures.
  • CZ Mingzhu Textile Produ Expo Center, Demo Park, R&D Center Project Officially Launched 2017-07-08Jackson team and Cangzhou Dongsu Group reached an agreement, Textile Products Exhibition Center , Demonstration Park, R&D Center Project officially launched. The project has been listed as a key project of Hebei Province in 2018.
  • Jackson's Chinese building on May 21, 2016 2016-05-21Jackson China team of urban planning and landscape design director Mr Roberts as members of the expert group participated in the Shenyang Heping district comely theatrical concept design seminar organised by the government.
  • Jackson's Chinese building on May 12, 2016 2016-05-12Jackson has manual, China has launched a new sports content covers the shenyang Jackson architectural design team to participate in the project in recent years, China's future at the same time a manual sports project puts forward a new development trend.
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